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Dan's Photo Gallery 2005

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Promo shot 2005

Dan with Larry Delaney, Publisher/Editor of Country Music News 2005

Dan displaying his 2 CD's at Country Music News in Ottawa 2005

Dan with Rick Kevan at CJBQ, Belleville 2005

Dan with Tim Buppert and Karla Crawford at NSAI Meeting 2005

Dan at radio interview CFBW in Wingham 2005

Dan with MJ Milhomens (Barnard & Brohm's Manager) and Marie Mikolich (OCPFA's Secretary-Treasurer) CCMA's 2005

Dan with Barnard & Brohm CCMA's 2005

Dan & Carolyn Dawn Johnson CCMA's 2005

Dan & Amanda Wilkinson CCMA's 2005

Dan & Lisa Brokop CCMA's 2005

Dan & Hockey Hall of Famer Lanny McDonald CCMA's 2005

Dan & Sarah Beth Keeley CCMA's 2005

Dan & Tim Taylor CCMA's 2005

Dan with Colin Amey & Lori Morrison CCMA's 2005

Dan & James Dean Hicks CCMA's 2005

Dan & Steve Fox CCMA's 2005

Renaissance Cafe 2005

Drove CD Cover 2005

Back cover of Dan's CD "Drove" 2005

Tin Pan North 2005

Dan at Tin Pan North 2005 with Paul Kacor, Keith Thompson, Len Watkins

Cooper's Pub in Mississauga 2005

Dan with Nashville songwriters Lorna Flowers and Tom Templeman 2005

Dan performing at the Commodore Sports Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee 2005

Brampton Folk Festival 2005

Dan, David Leask, Alexandra Slate, Alfie Smith at Pic-A-Deli 2005

At the Pic-A-Deli 2005

Performing at the Pic-A- Deli 2005

Unicorn Tavern 2005



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