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  1. Drove (McVeigh-Rome) 3:41

  2. You Are All I Dream (McVeigh-Ackroyd-Gibson) 3:54

  3. Survivors Of The Same Broken Heart (McVeigh-Woods) 3:34

  4. I Can't Handle Alone (McVeigh-Davis) 4:14

  5. Newsflash (McVeigh-Madole) 3:11

  6. Hey Jeannie (McVeigh-Kacor) 3:34

  7. That's All She Wrote (McVeigh-Balec) 4:56

  8. Your Heart's In The Right Place (McVeigh-Amey) 3:24

  9. Something's Gotta Give (McVeigh-Graham-Southard)  3:34

  10. A Different Blue (McVeigh-Taylor) 3:29

  11. One Margarita At A Time (McVeigh-Madole) 4:46

  12. A Little Too Lonely (McVeigh-Woods) 4:11

  13. Blaze A Trail (McVeigh-Howard) 3:54

  14. She's All She's Got (McVeigh-Walton) 4:18

  15. Sometimes We Forget (McVeigh-Campbell) 4:06

  16. If You're Gonna Get To Heaven (McVeigh-Howard) 3:38

    Country Music News CD Review

    Brampton, Ontario singer/songwriter Dan McVeigh delivers his second album of all original material. The 16 songs presented here are a few too many to deal with in finding a fixed direction that McVeigh is seeking with his music, perhaps trying to cover all musical bases on the one disc.

    He certainly does impress with his songwriting, and his vocal work here is also a step up from his first album outing. The album has already yielded the chart hit "You Are All I Dream Of". Some of the other selections here that grab ear attention include the ballsy ballad "I Can't Handle Alone", the moody story song "A Different Blue" and the mid-tempo "Your Heart's In The Right Place" which McVeigh co-wrote with Colin Amey. Other notable co-writers on the album include Tim Taylor, Dave Woods, Bruce Madole, Greg Balec and Gayle Ackroyd. Listen also to the tunes "That's All She Wrote" and "A Little Too Lonely", to find Dan McVeigh sounding not unlike Ronnie Milsap. Nice company to be in.

     Drove was produced by Dan McVeigh and recorded largely at studios in Ontario.
    Courtesy of Country Music News

    Country Jukebox CD Review

    On his newest CD “Drove”, recorded in Brampton, Ontario, Dan McVeigh blends country, pop and classic rock from the 70’s to create a unique country album. Influences come from different artists like Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Eagles, John Mellencamp, Elton John, Billy Joel, and Travis Tritt. The singer/songwriter is regularly a guest at writers nights in Toronto and Nashville. He presents 16 songs of his own which move you with stories of different kinds. Co-writers are known Canadian songwriters like Tim Taylor and Colin Amey. Wendell Ferguson plays guitar and bass on several tracks. An album like “Drove” couldn’t be better. He leaves a good feeling for friends of Canadian country music with his Nashville sounding album.
    Courtesy of Country Jukebox

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  1. Been There, Done That (McVeigh-Madole) 2:31

  2. What I'm Looking For (McVeigh-Rome) 3:11

  3. Nearest Thing To Perfect (McVeigh-Howard) 4:13

  4. Fallen (McVeigh-Rome) 3:02

  5. Country To The Bone (McVeigh-Porter) 3:25

  6. My Heart Keeps Hangin' On (McVeigh-Balec) 4:12

  7. Dirty Hands (McVeigh-Rome) 2:50

  8. Nuts About You (McVeigh-Madole) 3:26

  9. The One That Got Away (McVeigh-Rome) 3:03

  10.  95 Acres Of Tears (McVeigh-Madole) 3:59

  11.  Missin' (McVeigh-Rome) 3:00

  12.  My Heart Can't Take It Anymore (McVeigh-Balec) 5:01

  13.  Livin', Breathin', Feelin' Love (McVeigh-Balec) 3:29

  14.  Angels Don't Dance Like That (McVeigh-McConnell) 3:09

  15.  Love And Bridges (McVeigh-Walton) 4:16

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