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Dan's Photo Gallery 2004

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Dan at OCPFA Awards Showcase 2004

Dan at OCPFA Awards Showcase 2004

Canadian Country Open Singing Contest - 2nd place in Songwriting 2004

Free Times Cafe 2004

Dan, Linda M, Bruce Madole, Keith Thompson at Music Row North 2004

Toronto City Roots Festival 2004

Dan, Bruce and Thomas Wade at NSAI meeting

Dan, Diane Chase, Jerry Carroll, Bruce Madole at NSAI meeting

Lulu's with Kenny Munshaw, Mark Benson, Keith Thompson

Puck's Farm 2004

Professor's Lake concert with Dan, Keith and Len

Dan performing at Starquest 2004

Dan at Starquest 2004

Joel & Linda announcing Starquest winners 2004

Dan captures 2nd place at Starquest 2004

Canada Day 2003

Dan and Steve Fox at NSAI meeting

Dan, Keith Thompsn, Paul Kacor, Len Watkins at Tin Pan North 2003

Y2 Play performs at EMI Music Christmas Party 1999

Dan with Kenny Loggins 2004

Dan, Paul, Gayle at Wing Ding at Ching in Brampton 2004



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